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Since 2018

Finding a balance can be difficult, but you don’t have to eat a healthy diet

I am inventive with my delicious flavor combinations and only use high quality, fresh plant ingredients. I love the creative process of cooking and am passionate about everything I cook. I always cook with your health in mind, and there’s nothing Costa Vegan Foods can’t make delicious! I am, “The Italian vegan chef!”

Grandma’s original Bolognese recipe

passed down, perfected by mom and veganized Peter Costa!

Peter Costa grew up like any other Italian child – in the kitchen with his mum and grandmother making classic Italian dishes. Whether it was pizza, pasta, sauces or cannolis, he was right there in the kitchen to help. Later in life Peter realized that his eating habits were rather unhealthy and decided to stop eating meat. Not wanting to give up all of his Italian favorites, he took his grandmother’s original Bolognese recipe that was passed down and perfected by his mother and veganized her. He started showing off his herbal recipes on social media and quickly sold a few hundred jars of pasta sauce every week.

Peter Costa

Italian vegan chef

My mom and I weren’t always vegan kitchens, we started out doing Italian food. As the world changed, so did I. I have found that the proteins in animal products are filled with fats and chemicals and all kinds of things that are harmful to the body. I thought of a healthier alternative: plant-based foods. These are nature’s natural gifts that fuel our bodies in the healthiest way. I thought I would give it a try and … Mama Mia !!!